The story

Sigurd Vedal is an American-Norwegian tech entrepreneur, successful multi-business owner, investor, and CEO of Vedal Media Group. With an awe-inspiring 35-year career behind his name, and having created several prosperous businesses with his own two hands – he continues to generate millions of euros for himself, every single year. It naturally follows that he has moulded and acquired a colourful array of knowledge, tools, and philosophies over the years.

Initially, Vedal studied started off by studying at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound, where he obtained his first Bachelor’s Degree.

He then moved on to Computer Programming at the University of Oslo; and finally ended off his tertiary education by graduating from the Norwegian Business School, specializing in Marketing and Brand Building.

Vedal has a prosperous and abundant career behind his name, which first began in the realms of entrepreneurship. \nIn 1996, Vedal created Clockwork Recordings – a music production and songwriting studio in Oslo, Norway. This would later go bankrupt in the year 2000, and subsequently fail.

Vedal then moved on to radio and television.

Between 1999 and 2003, Vedal held the position of Head in Programming and Research for the NRJ network group in Norway.

From 2003 to 2007 he was a Group Music Director for SBS Radio Norway and, under the same company, he was a Program Director for The Voice FM between 2005 and 2007.

At the start of 2008, the following two years would see him in place as Program Director at Radio Norge.

It was then, in 2010, that his Digisec Media dream was born. The focus of the company is on creating, managing, and marketing online social network brands and applications.

Vedal’s Vedal Media focuses on developing, launching and expanding a wide range of Entertainment software and apps within online gaming casinos, dating, matchmaking, gamification, and payment softwares.

Prominent brands include Vedal Media, VictoriaMilan, VictoriaMilan Casino, Nextlove, MarriageBooster, DatingSpesialisten among others.

Vedal has recently gained a notable following and huge amount of growth on his social media accounts, specifically with regards to Instagram.

He has extended his expertise into the fields of public and motivational speaking, life, business and relationship coaching, and being a prominent social media entrepreneurial personality.

He bases his messages on the foundation of helping people in every aspect of their lives; and assisting them in realizing their truest, fullest potential.