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The Top 10 Words For Success (Mindset For Growth 2019)


 Have you ever wondered why some people become millionaires and others don’t?

There are certain skills that truly define the essence of success. I’ve formulated a list of my top ten words for ultimate success!


#1: Vision

You need to know and see the end goal as if it were a movie, playing in your mind. If you don’t know where you want to be, or how the finish line looks, you’ll fail to even get there!

You don’t need to know how to get there, but you do need to create a clear picture of where you want to go. That vision needs to be clear, and it needs to be put down on paper.


#2: Belief

You need to believe in your ability to learn whatever you might need to get there! You have YouTube, advisors, and people around you who can help you tackle those challenges.

BUT – you have to believe in yourself and your capabilities to work hard enough in order to get to the goal!


#3: Focus

In order to become successful, you’ll have to change your lifestyle. Whether you want to be a successful tennis player, soccer player, businessman, or entrepreneur – you have to focus all of your time, energy and waking hours into that one goal!

The most hours that you’re effectively putting in with a razor sharp focus, the higher chance you’ll have of reaching those goals.


#4: Planning

A plan is required in order for you to optimally use your time effectively. You need to time block certain tasks you need to do in order to ensure everything gets done and works out during the course of the week or the day.

If you just simply wake up and randomly start working – or if you start your fresh Monday without really having any idea of what to do – you will just be responding to the impulses that are hitting you every single day and week!

You need to be in control – which means you need to preset those key results that you want to produce and achieve in advance.


#5: Value

Every successful business has to create value for their clients. I mean, that is what a business is all about – it’s solving people’s problems! The bigger and more important problems you’re solving, the more people are willing to pay.

So make sure that you and your business are truly creating value – and also make sure to track that value.


#6: Productivity

This goes very much hand-in-hand with my previous point of productivity. Don’t just get lost in the ideas, talking about what to do, the planning, and the strategies etc. Yes – you do need this, but make sure to focus on your productivity! The actual execution! You and your team need to consistently be producing value, every single day.

Ideas are worthless until they have been realised into a product.


#7: Excellence

Success is always in the details! It’s really everything. Look at a Michelin star restaurant compared to an average restaurant – look at the quality of the food, the quality of the plate design. Look at the iPhone vs. many other competitors. Look at Nespresso (which is just coffee!), but it’s made in an amazingly high-level and excellent design packing.

So really, always focus on that last 5%! Don’t just do something, but rather chase that upper level! Think through everything you have, everything you’re making, every idea you have – and think: “Hey, can I make this even better?” And also, make sure to measure your excellence level, or your excellence feedback, from your clients.


#8: Passion

You have to love what you’re doing. Throughout the process of starting your own business and chasing that upper level of success, you’ll be hit down so many times – and you just have to get up!

And how do you get back up? How do you work over 100 hours every single week? How do you stay up and sleep maybe three hours because you have to finish up something? Well – it’s the passion that will drive you!

If you don’t love what you’re doing; if you don’t love the business or the idea of what you’re starting to create – failure is imminent!

If you truly love what you’re doing, you have a much greater chance of becoming successful.


#9: Speed

This is something that I feel is really underrated in companies today!

Let’s say your job is to type up letters for 8 hours a day. Let’s say you send 4 hours typing up a one-page letter. Then you might have a colleague typing up that same letter in 15 minutes. Now, that’s a major difference in productivity – every single hour, every single day!

The same goes for speed in terms of decision-making. Yes, you can dwell, debate, and discuss with yourself and with others – but it’s much more important to actually make things happen, to execute.

Speed is the name of the game in today’s society. Everything is changing so rapidly, and technology is improving at an exponential pace every single day!

You need to produce value, quickly and effectively.


#10: Measure

You need to have data. You need to have KPI’s to measure your progress.

You need to have KPI’s on your staff, you need to have your own KPI’s, and you need to have KPI’s for the key factors of your business. If you don’t have these in place, you will be unable to measure and adjust things that aren’t working – because you won’t know they’re there; you won’t know they’re happening!

You also need to be able to double up on the things that are really working for you, to make sure you have even more success. Use those opportunities to adjust.



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