The Top 6 Instagram Growth Tips In 2019


Social media is called social media for a reason… 

Keyword: SOCIAL.

It means in order to build up your Instagram follower base; you need to ensure to create dialogue, you need to network, and you need to build relationships with people. These relationships will then, over time, convert into your fans.

So, if you really want to succeed:


Number 1: Look at your content

You need to provide and share exceptionally high-level content that the users really find useful. Either it’s a problem that you’re solving for them, or it’s great entertainment value in terms of humor or music, for example.

Whatever you have that is your brand – make sure your content is top-level, and also make sure that you’re varying your content. Don’t post the same post every morning at 7AM – people waking up and scrolling through their feed in the morning are going to want some variety! But, of course, always stick within your brand sphere.


Number 2: Make sure to engage with your followers

Reply to your comments within that first magical hour. This is where Instagram is test-feeding your content for a small portion of your followers. Based on the engagement that you’re receiving in that first hour, you will then be boosted up into more reach and hashtag push.

So, remember to monitor your live feed for the following hour after you’ve posted; and respond to all comments with a minimum of four words.


Number 3: Make sure to proactively engage with your target audience

The people, and possibly bigger names that fit your brand and that you feel you could provide value to. Start commenting on their posts, liking their posts, and asking questions on a frequent basis – of course, taking care not to spam. Treat the relationship just as you would treat one in face-to-face life.


Number 4: Always be sure to use the full spectrum of features

Instagram actually gives you a score based on the more features you are using in their portfolio!

So, there are obviously normal posts, IGTV, and then there are stories – which are an amazing tool to promote. You can promote your daily posts and videos, as these are only shown to 10% of your follower base; so the stories will enable you to push more people to view your posts. Post anything from 5 to 6 stories.

Of course, the content is always the main driver. If it’s interesting provides, value, and encapsulates a sense of variety for your followers, this will be more important than the amount of times you’re posting. 

Another important thing you need to be aware of is:


Number 5: Your posting times

There are multitude of apps out there that will analyze your posts, your usage and the times your followers are most frequently online (based off your insights), and give you the top daily posting times tailored specifically for you. If you do it one half hour before or after the proposed time, you probably aren’t going to get the same effectiveness.


Number 6: Do not use any automation services

This includes things like bots, automatic likes and auto-commenting to name a few. Sure, you might experience some short-term gains and benefits through power likes, for example. Your account might look as though it has a lot of followers and likes… But, trust me – Instagram has algorithms that see through these patterns. The see the same likes, the same posts, and the same velocity happening on your account.

So, my advice is to keep it clean. Keep it based on how you would network and make new friends in real life. If you replicate online on Instagram, the way you are typically used to doing things in your everyday life relationships, then you are very much on the right path for success.


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