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Top 10 Qualities That Investors Look for in An Entrepreneur

Fact: investors invest in you, more than they do in your product, service, or solution.


For example, if you give out cocky and arrogant vibes, many people you need to deal with in business — like suppliers, investors, and customers — will give you the middle finger.


The qualities you need to portray in every part of your daily business life, are ones that demonstrate your strength of character. These can be perfected over time, but they sure as hell can’t be faked.


Here are 10 key habits and traits that you need to consistently aim to improve on if you want to be the type of person worth investing in:


  1. Exchange Different Viewpoints & Learn From A Mentor 


Entrepreneur leaders differentiate between, and look for, a few different types of mentoring: career mentoring for the long-term, peer mentoring for tactical guidance, and lifestyle mentoring for quality and balance.


Successful entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, learn from each other as mentors, too!


  1. Acknowledge and Work on Your Personal Strengths & Weaknesses 


Investors seek out entrepreneurs with a high level of self-determination, who always strive to improve within their chosen field. Having weaknesses is normal, everyone has the ability to continually learn and improve their effectiveness. Tip: don’t live in denial, and never come across as over-confident.


  1. Put Your Social Intelligence & Concern into Action


The world of business today is highly driven by social concerns and environmental issues. Entrepreneurs who have a high EQ and social intelligence are better able to use this to their advantage. How, exactly? In selecting the right solutions and market segments, as well as implementing effective marketing strategies.


  1. Build A Wide General Knowledge with A variety of Perspectives & Concepts


Sometimes referred to as mental complexity, this quality will assure others that you are likely to understand relevant issues, are willing to challenge your own personal ideas, and will be quicker to adapt them to fit in with new information, experiences, and meanings. As the saying goes: “The only constant is change,” and in business today that rings truer than ever.


  1. Show High Levels of Integrity


Think of integrity as behaving honorably, even when nobody’s watching. People with a high level of integrity are led by moral and ethical principles in all facets of their business life; such as decision making, and working with other people. Investors ask about you, not your product, in an attempt to test your integrity.


  1. Listen Intently, and Encourage Constructive Criticism from Others 


If you possess this quality, you will always seek out, and positively respond to, feedback from several important groups: customers, peers, and experts. Alternatively, entrepreneurs who are more self-absorbed are more likely to succumb to denial or respond negatively in the face of constructive criticism.


  1. Seek Out Help from Natural Leaders 


All the best entrepreneurs out there have sought help from natural helpers since they were children; such as parents, teachers, and business influencers. Doing this helps make you feel more accepted, respected, and affirmed, and allows you to pass that feeling on to key players in your business career later on in life.


  1. Always Have A Positive Attitude 


People who are continually more negative and pessimistic often allow their views to limit their results — largely unconsciously! If you live with a positive attitude, you’re more likely to be able to make your business commitments and solutions a success!


  1. Be Vulnerable & Share Personal Life Experiences


Each person has their story; the legacy that they leave. You can either make it inspirational and supportive, or you can hide and remain anonymous for the rest of your short life. People in business often judge your character by how milestone events and influences have shaped your personal development, and will likely impact your response to new situations.


  1. Be Aggressive in Going After Your Goals, But Execute in Style


Investors want to see entrepreneurs who have a focus on the future, combined with the strength and determination to build realistic and well thought out plans. This means you set goals, milestones, and metrics, and are able to provide financial projections to your support funding requirements.


Whether you’re a business professional or an entrepreneur, how others perceive the strength of your character is crucial to your overall growth and success. Don’t allow egotistical tendencies or the desire to find shortcuts stop you from consistently improving and developing your skills and personal character. The ROI for showing good character in business is well worth the rewards!


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