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Top 10 Tips For Successful Employee Recruitment


Are you tired of wasting precious hours watching crappy CV’s filtering in, that never seem to fit the roles you’re trying to fill anyway?


I want to share with you guys some simple steps for successful employee recruitment – in other words, my top 10 tips for recruiting and retaining pure talent!


So let’s jump in!


TIP #1:

IMPROVE your candidate POOL!

You need to actively search out talent and invest time in developing relations with the right people, in the right places – like universities or specialised recruitment firms. It also helps to keep an eye out on reputable online job boards.


TIP #2:

Hire the “SURE THING” kinda person!

This would be someone who has done the exact same job, in the exact same industry before. If you do this, you’ll always be hiring winners!


TIP #3:


See if you can give promotional and fresh new opportunities to your current employees. This positively boosts overall work ethic and motivation, and it makes employees feel truly appreciated!


TIP #4:

Be KNOWN as an amazing employer!

Get yourself out there somehow – social media is an amazing tool! Show people your “behind-the-scenes” company culture and practices. And do fun and creative things that will encourage your employees to advertise for you by word of mouth!


TIP #5:

INVOLVE EMPLOYEES in the hiring process!

You can ask them to either:

Recommend candidates; assist in reviewing  CV’s, or help with interviewing people! This way,

they’ll really be committed to seeing that new employee succeed! It can’t get much better than that for you, or the new employee – right?!


TIP #6:

PAY BETTER than your competition!

You know that old saying… Bottom line is, If you’re a cheapskate and you don’t pay your employees for what they’re worth, most of them will end up feeling unappreciated. Here, there is a higher risk of them leaving your company as soon as they get a better opportunity!


TIP #7:

Use your BENEFITS to your advantage!

Always keep your benefits above industry standard! Add new benefits as soon as you can afford them, and make sure to educate your employees about the cost and value of the benefits that they receive!


TIP #8:

Hire the SMARTEST person you can find!

Hire people for their strengths – and then build on them! Don’t waste precious time and energy in developing weak areas of their performance, habits, and talents.


TIP #9:

Use your WEBSITE!

This is crucial, guys! It portrays your vision, mission, values, goals, and products! Therefore, it can be an awesome way to attract candidates who resonate with it!


And finally,


TIP #10:


I advise this in order to protect yourself and your company… You wanna be sure they can actually contribute to the growth and development of your vision!


These are all things that can really help your organisation succeed and grow; creating a workplace that will meet both your needs and the needs of your potential and current employees! Win-win!


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