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The Top 3 Tips On How To Create Wealth And Financial Freedom


Stop Doing These Three Things If You Want To Be Rich!

Do you feel you’re working your ass off? Do you feel you’re trying everything, yet still not bringing in the money that you want? Well, these are most likely the three things that you’re doing wrong right now (or that you should at least keep in mind):


#1 — Don’t Chase The Money

Yes, you need to have that focus and that clear vision of what you want to achieve. But if you’re desperate for money you’ll fail to be patient. You’ll fail to do the things you need to do to understand how you will create money. You need to change that belief from just getting money, to actually creating value! That leads me to number 2.


#2 — Money Is A By-Product Of Creating Value

So let’s say you want to earn 10K, you need to solve a problem for somebody, worth $10 000! So if you’re not solving problems for people, you’re really not creating value! And if you’re not creating value, how the hell will you earn money?! Shift your focus from merely just wanting that money, to: “Het, how can I create value for other people?” Have your radar up and your focus on what they are struggling with. On what society is struggling with. That would be the key to success! So your energy should be spent on finding the right problem to solve for the right price, according to your skillset and your passion.


#3 — Stop Complaining About Money

Complaining about money will put your mind into this negative focus. It’ll put your into a state of indirectly saying to yourself: “Hey, in whatever I’m doing, I’m not succeeding…” And you need belief in order to succeed. You need to have a strategy to make money. And you need to have a focus that it is possible for you to become a millionaire — or even a billionaire! So if you’re constantly complaining about money everyday and how you don’t have enough of it, you’re negatively marketing your mind! Rather focus, step-by-step, on acquiring the skills you need to be able to generate money.


Creating money is not something magical or mysterious. Yes, there are brilliant ideas out there — but you don’t have to have the next Uber in order to be wealthy or to be able to have financial freedom. Becoming wealthy and earning the big bucks is mostly related to creating value. It’s mostly related to putting in the hours. If you do things at a higher quality level and a higher customer satisfaction rate compared to your competitors, you have the basis to win big.


So create that strategy. Look at it like a ladder system. Level 1, level 2, level 3. How will you generate those results in the future in order for you to be able to accomplish those goals?

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