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The Top 3 Most Valuable Things You Can Be Doing As A Leader Right Now

We’re living in uncertain times, and although you may be stressed out about your business, you’re not the only one who’s feeling worried. Think about your team members. They’re likely worried about their careers, their families, and their futures. Regardless of how much the current public health-crisis and economic-crisis has impacted you, it’s your duty to be a leader for your team needs now more than ever!


You may still have employees working remotely who have never worked from home and are now having to adjust to all the hours spent inside their house. The truth is that this could echo how we have to do things in the future for some time to come; so as an entrepreneur, you cannot abandon your team at a time such as this.


If you want to keep your team feeling supported and productive, take a look at The Top 3 Most Valuable Things You Can Be Doing As A Leader Right Now:


  1. Be Proactive (and Get Your Staff To Be, Too) About Checking In 


The point is, you don’t want to be taking a passive role in the challenges your team is facing. You really need to take responsibility, yourself, for bringing up any potential issues before they get to the point of driving your employees out of the company altogether. Organise frequent one-to-one chats with them to talk about topics that are unrelated to their current tasks. 


For example: Is there anything your employees want to see changed? Are there any challenges that have stuck with them over the past few weeks or months? Are they getting along well with their colleagues? Of course, you’re not expected to act on every little concern, but by being there to listen and try and understand their perspectives, you can definitely minimise small issues from growing into much larger problems.


  1. Ease Up On (or Eliminate) Unnecessary Rules


As companies expand, very specific and isolated incidents often lead CEOs to create company-wide rules that actually might not foster productivity as much as they inhibit employees’ ability to execute their jobs… Think about that. By cutting your usual “guidelines” and rules down, you’re essentially showing your employees that you trust them!


A display of trust really proves to your team that you believe in their honesty and productivity — without the need to have unnecessary or micro-managing guides. Your employees probably have enough to deal with in their personal lives right now (as do we all); so try to avoid adding to their stress by trying to implement new remote working rules and regulations. Of course, if anybody does take advantage of their newfound freedom, then you’re totally in a position to have a serious conversation with them, or seek out someone new. Anyone who wants to slack off will find a way — whether there are rules in place or not; but a genuine and dedicated employee does not require rules in order to flourish and grow.


Your employees view you as their leader and shining example of how to handle things in difficult situations. Be an inspirational example who is worth following, and invest in their happiness to whatever degree you can. If your workers feel that you care, they’ll internalise that and treat their fellow colleagues with the same kind of respect.


  1. Help As Much As Possible To Soften the Blow of Financial Struggle


Those who experience stress and anxiety over their financial situation miss work more often than their financially secure colleagues. Worries over financial stability can also affect work productivity levels. Sadly, it’s often the people who need the money the most who are more likely to call in sick, or not work as effectively as they could.


If you’re in the position to do so, allowing paid sick leave and competitive salaries can help alleviate the stress of bills and security for your employees. Younger generations who have built up a mound of university debt also appreciate student loan repayment assistance. 


Remember: If you truly take care of your workers, they’ll return the favour by always giving their best at work, every single day.


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