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Top 4 Tips To Get You into An Optimal Financial Space

Today I want to discuss how you can start getting yourself, your income, and your business back on track! 


2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, to say the least; but if you’re still serious about making 2020 a great year, you have to get your mind focused on income — not on savings!


Far too many people are too focused on saving and having hard cash on them. Of course it is wise to keep an eye on your expenses at the moment and to make cutbacks wherever you can; but if you increase your income enough, then you’ll truly be able to start saving.


So, here are my Top 4 Tips To Get You into An Optimal Financial Space:


  1. Invest in Yourself 🧠


The truly successful invest time, energy, and money into improving themselves — even during times of great uncertainty such as this. So many people out in the world are in need right now! Be intentional with your actions at this time, and help yourself out so you’re in a position to help somebody else out! 


So, how does this all translate? Well, it means you have to invest in yourself in order to improve your skills. Investing in yourself will absolutely skyrocket your income-producing abilities. Even in the midst of an uncertain and unstable economy, investing in yourself is always the best investment you can make!


  1. Find A Job That’s Right for You ✅


If you have a job right now, you’re still doing better (financially)than someone who is unemployed; but my point is that you should be aspiring to get in with the right company; somewhere where there are opportunities for growth! 


This might mean that you have to start at the bottom, at first — but if you know you’re in the right space, I really encourage you to just hang in there! In the right company, you’ll be able to improve your skill set, and multiply your monthly income over time. 


Way too many people just look for a “job”. Of course you need a job in this coronavirus economy, but remember that you need the right vehicle too.


  1. Become Excellent At What You Do 🌟


Commit yourself to greatness — not just being average! This rings true for any economy, anywhere. Let’s be real, when a company has to let employees go, the safest people are the ones who excel in their job. 


Any industry or job can be a painful experience for average and bottom performers; but when it comes to top performers — the feeling of reward can be second to none. People eat, sleep, and breathe their passion are the ones who become great. I can honestly say that I have never crossed paths with someone great who was not all in! 


  1. Get Multiple Streams of Income 💸


Do not lower your money standards just as a result of COVID-19! The truth is: you’ll never get rich without multiple income streams. It all begins with the income you have right now. Next, you can increase that income by starting to add multiple flows. 


The trick here is to add symbiotic flows to your first stream — not completely disconnected ones! Brainstorm, research, and find other ways you can add more income to the job that you already have. The problem with too many people is that they go from one extreme to a second flow on the other end of the spectrum. This will only end up in two flows that do nothing! So remember, your streams should always be connected.


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