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The Top 7 Habits of People Who Know How To Get S**t Done

In the crazy times in which we’re living, the need for effective leadership has never been bigger!


Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader, the truth is that anyone can be a leader in achieving critical life goals, optimising their career, and redefining professional roles!


There are a few core habits that are based on timeless principles of effectiveness — habits and principles that you can start living by today! And yes, they work!


Check it out:


#1: They Organise Their Priorities 


The most effective people make decisions by first having a clear sense of what is truly important. They put first things first. They organise and execute things around their most important priorities. They’re highly driven by purpose, not by agendas or external forces.


#2: They Aim To Understand Before Trying To Be Understood


Seek first to listen with the intent to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, and then seek to effectively communicate your own thoughts and feelings. Through understanding, effective people build deep relationships of love and trust, they give constructive criticism, they don’t hold back on feedback, and they’ll never seek to first be understood.


#3: They’re Win-Win Thinkers


Highly effective are always thinking about what will be mutually beneficial. They create spaces of support and mutual respect. They think interdependently — “we” not “me” — and they foster win-win agreements. They are by no means martyrs, and they never think selfishly.


#4: They Have A Clear End Vision from The Start


The doers of the world shape their own futures by beginning with the end in mind. They paint a mental vision and purpose for their life, their month, their week, their day, and any project — no matter how big or small. They do not randomly live from one day to another with no clear purpose or goal in mind.


#5: They’re Proactive


Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and everyone has the freedom to make decisions that are in line with their principles and values. Effective people develop some unique human gifts — self-awareness, conscience, imagination, and independent will — and when approaching change, they work from the inside out. They make an intentional choice not to be a victim, not to be reactive, and not to blame others.


#6: They Constantly Improve Themselves


People who know how to get shit done increase their effectiveness by consistently renewing themselves in various areas of their life — namely: physically, mentally, socially/emotionally, and spiritually.


#7: They Know How To Synergise


Highly effective people hone in on their strengths, and they also celebrate the strengths of other people! As a result of respecting and valuing other people’s differences, the whole becomes greater than the sum of all the parts. They come up with third-alternative solutions to problems with others — which are far better than what one person could do alone. They aim for purely creative cooperation.


Guys, it’s time to take your personal growth and leadership skills to the next level!

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