Train Your Brain: 10 Mental Exercises to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change

If there’s one thing that is inevitable, it’s change. That said, accepting change – and learning to anticipate it – proves to be a massive mental hurdle for many business owners as their  companies, customers, and market all inevitably change over time.


All is not lost, though! You can, in fact, train your brain to get more efficient and effective at handling change through certain mental exercises. t’s may be uncomfortable at times, but it’s definitely not impossible!


Here are 10 Mental Exercises to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change:


  1. Put “Personal Development” on Your Priority List


As an entrepreneur, putting in the time and effort to work on your own personal development can be really difficult; but it’s the only way to truly embrace change and manage the inevitable stress that comes along with scaling a business. This could come in the form of mediating, doing yoga, or just daily mindfulness and self-inquiry techniques. Whatever it is for you, being intentional about your own growth and road ahead will assist you in learning to embrace change.


  1. Hold Your Long-Term Vision At All Times


Change can be uncomfortable; there’s no doubt about it. But if you want your business to grow, it’s necessary. Embrace this fact and look beyond your current struggles towards your long-term goals and vision.


  1. Reprogram Your Mind By Noticing 3 Positive Changes Daily


Create a kind of ritual whereby you notice three changes each day that have had a positive impact on people’s ability to do business. By making the effort to recognise the positive effects of change for your employees, yourself, and your business — you’ll retrain your brain to see change as an opportunity for growth and improvement.


  1. Make Meditation A Habit


Your brain is a muscle. This means that it can be strengthened and is subject to the laws of improvement. One way to improve your mindset and embrace change is to learn the practice of meditation. If you have no idea where to start, there are some useful resources out there to help you “work out” this incredible muscle. Apps, like Headspace, walk you through an  awesome beginner meditation commitment of just 10 minutes per day for 10 days. Try it out — you’ll be blown away!


  1. Put Yourself in Your Competitors’ Shoes


There’s really nothing more effective to generating change than thinking about your company’s eventual downfall. Take a look at things and brainstorm about what could happen in six months to a year if you became stagnant. Look at yourself from your competitors’ perspective, and think about what they might do to triumph over you. Once you realise your own company’s imminent demise, you’ll very quickly embrace the change train!


  1. 6. Listen to People You Trust


If you’re serious about building a high-level team, consider hiring a CEO so that you’re able to step back into a more presidential role. This will force you to be more open to changes, as the CEO will have his or her own ideas on how to successfully grow your company. This will also give them ultimate decision-making power to make any necessary changes, removing you from any added stress. If this is not something you’re willing to do, then get together with a trusted and professional advisory board that you will give permission to override you by vote.


  1. Accept That Change Happens No Matter What


There are just some things you have to accept; namely: life is short, time is precious, and your ego can always do with a nice, big slice of humble pie. Every idea is born into life, and then naturally evolves. Change is just a normal progression of that evolutionary cycle. Remember, change will happen with or without you; so don’t get in your own way.


  1. Imagine All Possibilities


Again, bear in mind that almost every single product or service in history will eventually become obsolete; at least in its original form. As a thought experiment, try to imagine how and why your own business could eventually become outdated. What – or who – is likely to render it obsolete? By thinking about all the possible answers to this question, you can position yourself to actually make these innovations happen. The alternative? Having your competitors do it at your expense.


  1. Get Vulnerable


Get this: As you make yourself vulnerable to accepting the thoughts and ideas of others, you positively shift your mindset and also become a better leader in the process.


  1. Do the Dirty Work Yourself


Try your hand at working other positions within your company. More specifically, take on the job everyone else loathes! This will get your mind ready to approach your business from an entirely different perspective. Once you do this, you will be well-equipped to start changing your company for the better!


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