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Want To Be A Millionaire? Change Your Focus


Everybody wants to be a millionaire. People are messaging me, asking me to help them become successful. They’re wanting me to give them business ideas to become millionaires. And they want me to find a solution for them to be successful.

That’s really not how it works. The recipe for success is honestly quite simple.

I’m repeating it over and over again and I will say it one more time; step number one:

You Need to Find Your Passion.

You need to find what you love doing offline, to be able to be successful online. Either it’s cooking, either it’s photography, either it’s design, either it’s sales, either it’s accounting or numbers or business intelligence or programming. Whatever you want to do, whatever you love doing in your life; the thing you can do for hours and hours and hours without getting tired – that is your passion.

Cash In On All The Samples!

And to find that passion, I’ve said many times, you have to sample – just like sampling food, like sampling different types of wine. You need to try stuff to be able to see if you enjoy it.

So – spend your twenties, even your thirties, and maybe even your forties, if you’re looking for something new, to try stuff. This will allow you to find that thing that you really love doing, which will be your foundation for success.

Your Passion Is The Thing You Put First On The Weekends

Because even if you become extremely good at what you’re doing, I think it’s impossible to fully learn everything inside out. You’ll always have something new to add to it and, at the same time, if you love what you’re doing, you’ll become so amazing at it, because you can do it for 20 hours a day and you’ll never get bored!

You’ll choose doing this thing rather than spending time with your friends, rather than watching a movie, rather than going disco partying on the weekends, or whatever it is that you’re doing. So really, the reason I’m asking you guys to find that passion is because it gives you the basis to be next-level amazing at it!

Learn, Practice, Excel – Put In The Hours

The next step is, once you’ve found your passion, is to spend every hour you’re awake on practicing, learning, and excelling at that passion or at that superskill.

If you want to become the best tennis player, do as Björn Borg does, hammering that ball hours on end on the garage door, practising your swing.

And it’s the same thing in business, it’s the same thing with design, it’s the same thing with sales; it’s the same thing with everything you’re doing – you need to put in the hours. As Elon Musk says: “If you put in a hundred hours a week, you’ll be moving and producing double the speed as somebody working the normal forty hours.” And ain’t that the truth, right?

So, in order to excel, in order to become the best (which you need to be in order to be successful), you need to put in the hours.

And that leads me to the next thing, which is:

You Need to Master a Set of Basic Skills.

You need to be able to problem solve. You need to be able to find ways of solving those problems as an entrepreneur. Because if you’re not able to solve problems along the way when you’re sitting alone in your cellar or together with a partner; you’ll hit a roadblock and you’ll give up.

Problem solving is required for you to be able to be a successful entrepreneur.

You need to be Able to Influence People and Sell.

That is a super skill. Master it, learn it! Nobody at school or at university will teach it to you. So you need to take responsibility for learning that yourself: books, YouTube videos, and mentors are all your friends!

You Need to be Able to Negotiate.

Negotiation is the basis for saving money and getting a good deal. To make money on a product, you need to buy it for less, and sell it at a profit.

So in general there’s a set, there’s a recipe, for what you need to do in order to become successful; in order to become a millionaire.

Also an important thing to remember is:
You are the only one who will make yourself unsuccessful.

Set A Timeframe

You need to set a timeframe, a commitment, that you’ll do this thing, or you’ll try this thing (regardless of failure), for an “X” amount of time.

I’m not saying continue doing something that does not have any solid response for 20 years… That would be just stupid, right? That would mean you’re doing something wrong. But you need to commit to a certain period where you will continue, even if you’re failing.

Failure Is A Part Of The Game

Because, quite frankly, if you don’t fail, you’ll never get there. If you don’t fail, it means you’re not trying something. If you’re not failing, it means that you’re playing it safe; you’re in your comfort zone. So in order to create new things, in order to start up something, and in order to action something; failure is a natural part of the process.

You know, you hit that failure, you record that result and you either do more of it if it’s good, or you change direction and you do something else. It’s intelligence gained; it’s feedback for you. But you are the only one who can quit. You’re the only one that at some point will say: “Okay, this is too tiring for me, I don’t think I can do this, so I’m going to quit”.

Rest, But Never Quit

But yes, if you are tired, if you are exhausted – rest. Have a rest, but you don’t have to give up! If you’re an extremely good soccer player, like Ronaldo was in his youth, do you think he gave up when he was tired on the soccer field? Do you think he gave up when he couldn’t spin the ball into the goal just as he wanted to? You can’t give up just because you’re hitting some problems, or encountering a bit of failure along the way.

What you can do, is to get your spirit back. Take a break, take a pause, do something fun. Take a small break and rest. But don’t give up! If you don’t give up, you have a much higher chance of reaching that end goal.

As long as you’re taking small steps towards that goal, you’re moving forward. You’re moving in the right direction.

But if you, at some point say: “Hey, I’m not going to do this anymore”, then you’re gone. You’re done. Your belief will suffer.

So, you need to keep that belief alive, you need to go for that target, and you need to make sure you don’t quit!

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