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11 Ways To Attract (And Keep!) Millennials In The Workplace


Attracting the right talent is something that every employer aims to achieve. Since Millennials make up the majority of today’s workforce, employers have put their main focus on attracting them to their companies. 

Compared to older generations and “systems”, Millennials are seeking quite different workplace characteristics. 

I want to share with you guys a few tips and tricks on how to attract and keep Millennials in your company! 


1. Improve Your Internal Communications

Millennials constantly wish to be engaged in many different aspects of the business. They want to stay informed on what’s actually going on! For this reason, employers need to work on boosting their internal communications processes to improve the productivity of Millennials. 

They crave ongoing conversations. The way they communicate is in real-time, and it’s continuous. This drastically affects the workplace as they are accustomed to constant feedback and communication.


2. Support Diversity

According to research, around 69% of employees who feel that their senior management teams are diverse, view their work environments as engaging and motivating!  


3. Offer Competitive Salaries

So, is it really true that money is one of the most important factors when Millennials are choosing a job that would be right for them?

Research shows that 92% of Millennials feel that money is the number one priority when choosing an employer! 

But it’s important to remember that even though money may be enough to attract them in the first place, it’s definitely not enough to retain them long-term!


4. Put Advocacy Programs In Action

Millennials are ridiculously active across a wide array of social media platforms. It is said that around 42% of Millennials use social media while they are at work. So why wouldn’t employers engage their employees in employee advocacy or social selling programs that reward them for doing so? It’s a total win-win for both the employer and the employee!


5. Build Trust

Good and trustworthy relationships are crucial for keeping Millennials in your workplace. When Millennials perceive their company as having a high-trust culture, they’re far more likely to want to work there for a long period of time. 


6. Offer Remote Work & More Flexibility

In terms of scheduling their work time, Millennials are the one group who say they would prefer to spend the least amount of time in the office!


7. Support Teamwork

Previous generations did not work as much on team projects during their education years as Millennials do. These days, most colleges and educational institutions fully support team work through things like group projects, for example.

This switch has resulted in changes in how Millennials behave in their working environments. They’re more used to working together, sharing their knowledge and collaborating with one another. 


8. Get Digital

As I mentioned before, Millennials are the generation that has adopted technology more than any other generation before! So it only makes sense that employers must adjust to this trend.

If there are other interesting or interactive tools and software that employees can use rather than the boring old Excel spreadsheet, you should consider implementing them at your company! 


9. Support New Learning & Self-Development

Employers who proactively encourage their employee development have much lower churn rates. Millennials love to advance and learn new things so that they can progress in their careers. In addition to teaching Millennials new hard skills; employers should think about  investing in teaching them more about personal and interpersonal skills like communication, patience, coping under pressure, and being a great team player.


10. Offer Opportunities For Career Growth

Around 87% of millennials say that professional growth and development opportunities are some of their top priorities.

As a result, career growth opportunities have a massive impact on attracting and keeping Millennials in the workplace. What’s more, according to some recent studies, about 93% of employees claim that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers for the long term. 


11. Empower Your Employees

Employee empowerment revolves around giving employees responsibility and autonomy to make decisions by themselves. Although, many employers are not always quite sure on how to empower their employees

Seeing as though Millennials are the generation that cares a lot about their influence on a company’s success, they also want to be empowered. When employees feel that way, they are also much more likely to remain in their current roles!

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