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Serial Entrepreneur | Life & Relationship Coach | Brand Creator | Investor | Public Speaker

  • • Serial Entrepreneur
  • • Life & Relationship Coach
  • • Brand Creator
  • • Investor

"You have the power to create your Dream Life"


Sigurd’s passion for what he does permeates through his every move, and he has a genuine burning desire to help others, and see them progress in their lives!
If you’re looking for stimulating, actionable “know-how” techniques to guide you in life, love, and business – jump on board and join him on the ultimate journey to success!

The story

Sigurd Vedal is an American-Norwegian tech entrepreneur, successful multi-business owner, investor, and CEO of Vedal Media Group. With an awe-inspiring 35-year career behind his name, and having created several prosperous businesses with his own two hands – he continues to generate millions of euros for himself, every single year. It naturally follows that he has moulded and acquired a colourful array of knowledge, tools, and philosophies over the years.

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Sigurd’s brands

“I love to create! My life revolves around envisioning, crafting, building and expanding – it’s deeply rooted in my heart and soul!"

Sigurd Vedal

As a passionate brand architect, Sigurd has a proven track record of creating an abundance of successful brands from scratch – within the scopes of radio, TV and online entertainment. He has effectively scaled them on a global level; turning them into ever flourishing profit machines, used by over 15-million people worldwide. He is the mastermind behind numerous and well-recognised brands, such as Nextlove, Vedal Media, Victoria Milan, MarriageBooster, Vedal R&D Lab, DatingSpecialisten, PaySecUSA, Victoria Milan Casino, RichMeetBeautiful, Vedal Media, and more!

He also played a central role in creating the well-known Norwegian brands of Radio Norge (relaunch of Kanal 24), The Voice of Hip Hop & R&B, The Voice TV, and the much-loved morning radio show MorgenKlubben med Loven & co.


How To Make Your Product Visible | Social Media Marketing

If you want to grow your business, if you want to expand your product, if you want to increase your sales – I can almost guarantee you that in 90% of the cases, my answer will be:


The Top 6 Instagram Growth Tips In 2019

Social media is called social media for a reason. It means in order to build up your Instagram follower base; you need to ensure to create dialogue, you need to network, and you need to build relationships with people. These relationships will then, over time, convert into your fans.

So, if you really want to succeed, follow these 6 most important tricks on social media!


One Of My Secrets To Success: Believe In Yourself

One of my secrets, that has made me successful; that has helped me accomplish goals that people around me have said: “Hey, Sigurd – that is impossible! Nobody has done that before that way!” or “This is not how people do it!” –

Well, one of the ways that I have managed to do and build the things I have done is because: 

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Oslo, Norway
👉What is your definition of SUCCESS? 💭⁣
Hit me up with your answers in the COMMENTS section below!👇👇⁣

👋Tag someone who needs to show some more DETERMINATION! 🙌⁣
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S - SEE your GOAL! 👁⁣
C - Create a POSITIVE mental picture! 🤩⁣
C - CLEAR your mind of SELF DOUBT! 💪⁣
S - STAY on TRACK! 🛤⁣
S - SHOW the WORLD you can do it! 🌍💥💫
Oslo, Norway
👉What was the last AMAZING IDEA you had? 💡⁣
Share your answers below and let me know WHAT you are doing to EXECUTE it! 💥👇👇⁣

👋Tag a friend who has brilliant ideas! 🧠🤩⁣
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Guys, BRILLIANT IDEAS are everywhere! 😬⁣
And they’re GREAT, because they are the entry point to CREATION! 💯⁣

☝️BUT, the problem is:⁣
Most people FAIL 🛑 to actually EXECUTE them! 👎⁣

The sad reality is that IDEAS without ACTION are worthless! 😭🤷‍♂️⁣

So, what will you do to implement your next idea? 🔮
Oslo, Norway
👉What is your definition of TRUE FREEDOM? 🦋⁣
Share your answer in the COMMENTS section below!👇👇⁣⁣⁣

👋 Tag a friend who is chasing freedom! 💥 ⁣
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❌Do not allow other people to convince you that it isn’t realistic to desire FREEDOM! ⁣
❌Do not let people tell you that it’s unrealistic to want to live a life of TRAVEL, FUN, and ABUNDANCE! ⁣
❌Do not let people shrink your dreams and convince you to settle for a life of MEDIOCRITY!⁣

When most people say they want to be rich (before they lose all of their courage and faith in the possibilities), 💭💸⁣
they don’t realize that it's not actually money that they are wanting, but FREEDOM! 🦅
👉How good is your MATH? 🧮💭⁣⁣
Watch the full video and take the true test! 😜☝️☝️⁣⁣
👋Tag a friend who needs to start thinking outside the box! 📦💣🚀⁣⁣
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So, what does it mean to “think outside the box;” and why should we strive to do it more often? 🤔⁣⁣
Thinking outside the box simply means that you’re willing to consider DIFFERENT solutions and methods for reaching your desired outcome. 💫⁣⁣
☝️That is to say: You want to get from point A to point B, but you don’t necessarily need or want to take the tried and tested route to get there! 💯😎⁣⁣
It’s also worth noting that all the best LEADERS, INNOVATORS, and TRAILBLAZERS of our time have all been out of the box thinkers! 🙌⁣⁣
Here are some quick ways 👉YOU👈 can push yourself to think outside the box when you’re struggling to come up with FRESH or CREATIVE ideas:⁣⁣
💥Ask a CHILD what they would do⁣⁣
💥Ask yourself: “What would I do DIFFERENTLY if I were starting this from SCRATCH?”⁣⁣
💥Ask WHY⁣⁣
💥Take a CLASS to learn something NEW⁣⁣
💥FREE WRITE on a random topic⁣⁣
💥DRAW a picture⁣⁣
💥Make a MINDMAP⁣⁣
💥Take a WALK in NATURE⁣⁣



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